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In the heart of the battle against poaching, there shines a beacon of hope - Helping Rhinos, an organization dedicated to safeguarding these majestic creatures and their habitats. Poaching remains a critical threat to rhino populations worldwide, driven by the demand for rhino horns in traditional medicine and as status symbols. The brutal reality is that without intervention, rhinos face extinction within our lifetime.

By supporting the Naked Rhinos Coffee Club, we will be allocating a portion of the proceeds from every bag sold directly into their conservation projects. This ensures that every contribution, whether big or small, makes a tangible difference in the fight to save rhinos.

Together, we fight!


When you place an order, your beans are roasted, packed and shipped the same day directly to your doorstep. Experience the goodness of fresh roasted coffee.

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NRCC will have tiered level memberships. Membership levels are based on total orders. Each level will have its own unique chip. As we grow together, each level will have a perk/discount/giveaway for in person events/venues/food etc and whatever else we can bring to the table. As we continue to grow so will our partnerships for each level.

Thank you all for being part of the club, and remember

If you're gonna drink coffee, why not be Naked!

(Disclaimer: Chips must be present to receive perks unless its part of our clothing line.)

  • 1-9 NRCC Club Member

    • Magenetic Poker Chip
    • Sticker
  • 10-24 Sapphire Club Member

    • 1 - 12oz bag of coffee
  • 25-49 Emerald Club Member

    • Custom NRCC Golf Towel from our clothing line
  • 50-74 Ruby Club Memeber

    • Custom NRCC Long Sleeve shirt from our clothing line
  • 75-99 Gold Club Member

    • Custom NRCC Hoodie from our clothing line
  • 100+ Diamond Club Member