2 Months in

Wow, what a ride it has been. I am so grateful to the people who decided to join the club and get you some Naked Coffee. Stay tuned as there is more to come. 

2 months ago we did a wild and crazy giveaway for coffee. As you read from my first blog, I was inspired by not only the love of coffee but from the NFT project @RespectedRhinosClub. We put it out that the next person who minted a Naked Rhino will get 6 months of free coffee. And boy did we deliver. 1 lucky person is now getting a different blend of coffee each month, for free, just by being part of the club. 

Naked Rhinos Coffee Club has also partnered with The Diamond Hand Media Group. Check them on twitter at @theDHMgroup. Tell them Naked Rhinos sent you. 

We look forward to building and growing our brand. Also be on the look out as a few new blends will be coming and also we are excited about a NEW Naked Rhino color coming out with a new "Holiday" blend so stay tuned. 

Remember, if you're gonna drink coffee, why not be Naked!

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